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For instructions on how to install SPUtility.js, see Installation.

Hello world!

Here is a complete hello world example:

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="/[change to your subsite]/SiteAssets/sputility.min.js"></script>
// wait for the window to load
$(document).ready(function () {
   // EXAMPLE: Set the value of the Title field to Hello world!
   SPUtility.GetSPField('Title').SetValue('Hello world!');

You could upload this as a HTML file into your SiteAssets library alongside sputility.min.js (adjust src paths as necessary).

SPUtility.js API

For general usage information, see functions and properties common to all fields (regardless of type)

Here is a list of all the supported field tables and the various way they are displayed in SharePoint. SPUtility.js does all the hard work of figuring out to show/hide, get/set values, and make them read only!

Type SP Type Field Configuration Supported?
All Field Types Documentation      
Single line of text SPFieldText   Yes

Multiple lines of text


Plain text


Rich text (Bold, italics, text alignment)


Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks)

Choice (menu to choose from) SPFieldChoice Drop-Down Menu Yes
Drop-Down Menu with fill in value Yes
Radio Buttons Yes
Radio Buttons with fill in value Yes
SPFieldMultiChoice Checkboxes (allow multiple selections) Yes
Checkboxes (allow multiple selections) with fill in value Yes
Number (1, 1.0, 100) SPFieldNumber   Yes
Content Type (as of v0.9.1) ContentTypeChoice    
Currency ($, ¥, €) SPFieldCurrency   Yes
Date and Time SPFieldDateTime Date Only Yes
Date & Time
Lookup (information already on this site) SPFieldLookup Allow multiple values = No
Less than 20 values in the lookup list, displays as a dropdown using a SELECT.
Allow multiple values = No
If 20 or more values, displays as an autocomplete using a text INPUT.
SPFieldLookupMulti Allow multiple values = Yes (displays as two list boxes) Yes
Yes/No (check box) SPFieldBoolean N/A Yes
Person or Group SPFieldUser Allow multiple selections: No Yes
SPFieldUserMulti Allow multiple selections: Yes Yes
Hyperlink or Picture SPFieldURL   Yes
Name column in a Document Library SPFieldFile   Yes
Rating Scale (a matrix of choices or a Likert scale) SPFieldGridChoice   No
All Day Event SPFieldAllDayEvent Calendar field. Checking the box causes a page postback and changes the Start and End Time fields to have a date portion only. No
Recurrence SPFieldRecurrence Calendar field. Checking the box causes a page postback in order to display controls to setup Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly recurrence. No
Workspace SPFieldCrossProjectLink Similar to a yes/no field. Checking yes and then clicking Save will take you to a New Meeting Workspace page. No
Notice a field that isn't listed? Let me know!      

Tested with SharePoint 2007 and the field types above. Untested with other field types.


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