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// Get a single select dropdown field
var myChoiceField = SPUtility.GetSPField('Single Choice Field');

// Set the dropdown to Completed

// Gets the value, value = 'Completed'
var value = myChoiceField.GetValue();

// Make the Title field read only

// Hide the field

// This is the same for a radio button select field
// The value should be equal to the label displayed next to the radio button in the UI
SPUtility.GetSPField('Radio Button Choice').SetValue('Green');

// Multi-select fields are the same except you can call SetValue multiple times
// For example, to check the Alpha, Charlie, and Echo checkboxes:
var myMultiSelectField = SPUtility.GetSPField('Multiselect Column');

// for fill-in fields, simply pass a value that does not exist in the list of choices
myMultiSelectField.SetValue('Christmas'); // Christmas is not a choice so Fill-in gets set

// GetValue returns an array of strings
var values = myMultiSelectField.GetValue();
// Value = ["Alpha", "Bravo", "Charlie"]

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