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SPAutocompleteLookupField.SetValue issue when lookuptext is number or begins with a digit

we often use ID in lookup fields such as display field. And ID is a number. in the setValue function, a regex is used to reorder choices array. // split the string on every pipe character fol...

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Setting multi-value field based on dropdown, then clear when dropdown changes.

So I have a newform.aspx unedited file that I am using SPUtility to hide fields with. I have a dropdown that when an option is selected 2-3 other fields are shown and the rest hidden. All works f...

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Multi-line Field GetValue() not working

Hello, I am trying to compare the old and new values of all of the fields in a list to see if the "as of date" field needs to be updated. When I load the list, I am capturing the value of each fi...

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Person or Group Change Detection

Hi, This is probably my naivety on SharePoint and JavaScript, but I am trying to detect when a user puts an entry into a People or Group field. I've tried the following and none of them seem to...

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Hide Column based off of 2 values

I'm using sputility to conditionally hide "Column C" if the drop down value of "Column A" is 123. I now have a customer that wants "Column C" hidden if the drop down value of "Column A" is 123 an...

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I'm trying to use SetDescription on a rather large description. It's used as a stop-gap to prevent users from filling in admin fields (I can't convince them to just let me hide the fields from the ...

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fieldName is not suitable to be key of _fieldsHashtable

For the complex list, some of fields would have same display name (fieldName), so the display name could not be used as key of _fieldsHashtable. For below code, the new field with same display nam...

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Not working on edit form in Sharepoint 2013

Hi, This used to work fine on SharePoint 2007. When we migrated to SharePoint 2013, I have downloaded the latest version of SPUtility.js file and its not working on sharepoint 2013 on list edit f...

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MakeReadOnly() on RTF

Hi guys. If you call MakeReadOnly on RTF field, the control is transformed to read only.. but if content is not already loaded.. nothing is shown (rtf content is loaded after dom ready).

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GetSpfield Date when hours is 00:00 or 12:00 ever returns 12:00AM

Since i try to get date time field. And datetime i set to 00:00 or 12:00. The field returns 12:00AM. It does not diference beetwen am/pm I use portuguese currency and language.

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